Kylo – Sometimes

Toronto’s KYLO has dropped her new single ‘Sometimes’. Loving the Mount Kimbie-esque production on this, sitting perfectly with Kylo’s dreamy Vocals.

For fans of: Mount Kimbie, Purity Ring & POLIÇA


Nick Dorian – Yawn

Continuing our Summer theme, Nick Dorian gets you ready for the sun with his mystifying soulful tones. His vocals give us a glimpses of an alternative universe where Paolo Nutini is 21 again and has just been signed to Stones Throw Records. Go check it..
For fans of: Mayer Hawthorn, Steve Lacey, Cosmo Pyke

Mr Gabriel – Tambourine

The new track from Mr Gabriel (formerly of KOPECKY) is an indie-pop banger for the Summer of 2018. Ditching drums for the first half in favour of claps and tambourines, this track is fun and bouncy throughout. The melodies will rest in your head for a good few hours, whilst you sit there whistling it back to yourself…
For fans of Portugal. The man, (Early) The Vaccines & Foster The People

Tree & Ray – Beyond Body

I stumbled across this brilliant track over on Soundcloud. Imagine King Gizzard meets Courtney Barnett. It starts off neatly quickly into a lovely guitar run. Vocal melodies feel very Courtney Barnett, with layered, reverb-soaked Vocals through the chorus. The drums rattle the same beat throughout, with small rolls here and there. Hoping for more soon…

For fans of: King Gizzard, Courtney Barnett & Night Beats

Rocket Ship TV – Always On Your Side

Rocket Ship TV is the side project of two members from Velvet Morning. ‘Always On Your Side’ has a fantastic melancholy feel, with tender slide guitar and warm vocals. The lazy drum beat coupled with these, bring about mental images of warm summer evenings. This is the first track from Rocket Ship TV’s forthcoming album, all recorded in lead singer Samuel Jones’ garden. Look forward to hearing more..

For fans of: By The Sea, Kurt Vile & First Aid Kit


MUX have unveiled debut single ‘MDMA’. ‘MDMA’ is a distorted, electro-indie smash with near indecipherable lyrics. The track starts off minimal, gradually adding layers until it finishes and you’re left trying to figure out what you’d just listened to. Intrigued to see what they come out with next…

For fans of: Sleaford Mods, Cabbage and The Moonandingz

Hot Dreams – Plunge Pool

Having recently caught Hot Dreams support Gengahr, at the newly reopened Sebright Arms, I haven’t taken their Debut single ‘Plunge Pool’ off repeat. Wonderful melodies, tight drums and an ever present bass grumble set a perfect foundation for the intimate vocals. The Harmonies in the chorus set this apart, with the song keeping a strong tension throughout. Worth checking out live when they next play in London town..

For fans of: Foals, Palace & Coasts

Low Totem – Sleuth

Low Totem sound like Tom Odell, If he’d grown up a Goth. Dark and deep vocals sit perfectly over a brooding and minimal backdrop. The song builds up, finally ending in a perfectly orchestrated crescendo. With a headline show at London’s Bush Hall fast approaching, and a new EP imminent, be sure to catch Low Totem soon.

For fans of: Tom Odell & Editors

Gutxi Bibang – System of a Gun

Welcome Gutxi Bibang. ‘System of a Gun’ is a two and a half minute tear up, that sounds like it would sit perfectly in Apples next advert. Great guitar riffs teamed up with solid basslines, provided by girlfriend Tabatha Beau, and an impecable image. Gutxi could go on to make big waves in 2017..

For fans of: Jet& Jimi Hendrix